What differentiates between cheap and expensive CBD oils?


    Lots of studies are still on-going about CBD and its amazing host of therapeutic benefits. However this hasn’t stopped consumers rushing in their numbers to acquire the supplement. In fact, people are giving a whole lot of reports about how CBD is providing relief in one way or the other to their physical conditions. CBD is definitely here to stay, that there is no doubt about.

    When it comes to purchasing CBD oil however, many consumers especially those who are patronizing for the very first time find it difficult knowing exactly what product type to settle on as they come in so many brands and at so many different prices. Of course whiles some brands are quite expensive, some can be very cheap, and this tends to create so much confusion for the buyer.

    After all, if they are all CBD oils and perform the same function, surely they should be in similar price ranges, no? Well, in this article, we will examine why some CBD products seem to cost more than others and whether or not this is warranted.

    It is important to understand that just like in the making of any other product, there are certain processes and factors that take place which add to the cost of CBD oil. Let’s take a look at some of these and the role they play in adding to the final product.

    • Cost of growing raw material
    CBD is usually extracted from the industrial hemp plant. In the cultivation of hemp, there are costs that accrue that must be added to the final product. The cultivation of industrial hemp in the United States has been legalized. However, in some countries of the world, growing it is still illegal. Therefore, importing the plant from countries where it is legally grown adds to the cost in producing the final product.

    Also, there is the need to include the cost of extracting CBD from the hemp plant as part of the manufacturing cost. Costs of labour, equipment and other complex processes must all be included in the manufacturing cost.

    Furthermore, after extraction, there is the need to purify the oil to rid it of toxins that the hemp plant might have absorbed and accumulated from the soil. Purifying and then going on to test the final product all come with costs which should be factored.

    Why the disparity in pricing then?
    If all CBD oil products go through the processes listed above, why is it that some are still more expensive than others? Let’s begin by saying that the chances of cheap CBD oils going through very proper purifying and safety procedures are very slim. Because of the unbridled clamour for the product, unscrupulous producers are appearing in their numbers just to make profits without producing quality.

    In order to save on manufacturing costs, they skip some vital processes and push unto the market, inferior CBD oils that may not be very safe. Sometimes these oils may contain substandard raw material and in some cases, they may have no CBD in them at all. Costly CBD oils on the other hand follow the right manufacturing processes, are dispensed or sold via proper channels and are more often than not backed by legal agreements.

    Buying such products means getting value for your money, and not having to worry about the product causing a reaction in your body because of toxins and impurities.

    What can you do as a buyer?
    When buying CBD oil, it is important that carry out your due diligence well. After careful research, you should do well to buy the oil through the right channels and certainly from reputable brands that are not shady and have their safety test results and legal agreements published online.

    Of course nothing is guaranteed but you are more likely to experience better results from a high-quality product that you paid a few more bucks for than a low-quality product that cost peanuts.