The Influence of Celebrities on the CBD Market


    CBD’s popularity in today’s world is growing like wildfire and rightly so. People are patronizing CBD in their numbers because of the many therapeutic benefits it is purported to create. One of the many cannabinoids found the in the industrial hemp plant, CBD is known to possess pain-relieving properties, anti-inflammatory properties, analgesic properties, antiemetic properties, just to mention a few.

    The wonderful thing about CBD is that unlike other more conventional forms of treatment, it has no accompanying negative side effects. It also has the added benefit of not being able to produce any mind-altering or psychoactive effects in the user despite being extracted from cannabis.
    It is no secret that celebrities have an added impact or influence on the purchasing patterns of consumers.

    It is why big companies advertise and enter endorsement deals with very famous and influential stars, all in the bid to get sales skyrocketing. After all, who wouldn’t want to use the same product their favourite footballer or actress is using? Today, lots of celebrities in many departments are vouching for CBD and this is having an impact on the views of many consumers about the compound.

    Let’s take a quick look at how such influence has occurred within the CBD market.

    The Sports Industry and CBD
    Many top stars all over the globe have professed their love for CBD. In the United States, the basketball league BIG3 became the very first American professional sports league to give players the go-ahead to use CBD.

    Many UFC fighters are also purported to use CBD to aid in recovery after fights, not least Nate Diaz who was found puffing from a vape pen filled with CBD shortly after his fight with UFC Lightweight Champion Connor McGregor some time back. Rugby heavyweights George Kruis and Dominic Day have also under the brand name FourFive CBD’ released a range of CBD oils and balms for athletes.

    The Fashion Industry and CBD
    Earlier this year during the 2019 Oscar Academy Awards, CBD stole the show as it was revealed later that nominees were going to get gift bags full of CBD products including CBD infused chocolates, vapes, beauty creams and vapes. Kate Young who is a well-acclaimed stylist and works for stars like Selena Gomez and Rachel Weisz is known to use style kits incorporated with CBD.

    The Beauty Industry and CBD
    Jennifer Anitson and Dakota Johnson who all happen to be very popular actresses of Hollywood have all joined the CBD bandwagon with TV personality Kim Kardashian voicing out her unequivocal love for CBD and all things related to CBD. She is even planning to carry out a ‘CBD-themed baby shower’ for child number 4.

    With so much rave about the product from superstars all over the world, it isn’t too surprising why news about CBD has for some time been dominating the airwaves and why sale of the compound is seeing significant boosts across the globe.

    Impact on the CBD market
    It is expected that CBD sales are going to experience a very sharp increase as predicted by Research Company, ‘The Brightfield Group.’ In recent times, CBD products can be found almost everywhere you go. From CBD-infused edibles, CBD-infused creams, CBD-infused drinks to CBD vape oils, there are no shortages of CBD out there on the market.

    Per reports from The Brightfield Group, the growth in sales of CBD beauty and skincare products increased from $4M to $17M (a 340% increase) between the years 2017 and 2018. CBD tinctures however remains the kingpin of the CBD industry, accounting for 35% of all sales.